Real equestrian adventure in Africa! Savanna extreme-trail.

Brief outline:

  • up to 160km riding during 4 days
  • unique routs far from the bitten track
  • wild animals are not affraid of horses and we can see them very close
  • international level Endurance horses
  • accomodation in a new authentic lodge African Kwela
  • interesting excursion program
  • after 4 day equestrian program we rent a car and go to the Ocean, town Swakopmund!!!

Namibia is:

  • “white Africa”, ex Dutch colony with fabulous history and nature.
  • politicaly stable and epidemiologically safe
  • second official language is English
  • world`s most famous game reserves and National parks
  • magnificent wildlife and unique landscapes: bush, savanna
  • Kyiv timezone


  • weight of the riders 75kg or less
  • confident horsemanship (Gallop 3+)
  • experience with endurance horses
  • good balance and riding position on hills
  • fit enough for long riding
  • adverturious and respectable to safety rules

Tour price: 2500 euro + avia.

Price includes:

  • Medical insurance for horseriding
  • Automobile transfering (aeroport, lodge, stables, excursions)
  • All equesrtian programme, including horse and saddlery rent)
  • Single room accomodation in a new comfortable lodge (Windhoek 4 days, Swacopmund 2 days)
  • Breakfasts in a lodge (English or Irish)
  • Picknicks with good local wine on a trail
  • Game drive safari in Ocapuka ranch (by car)
  • Durtenbrook Gepard Farm excursion (by car)
  • Car rent for a trip to Swakopmund

The price does not include:

  • Avia (from Ukraine up to 1100euro, Lufthanza)
  • Eating out in the restaurants (15-25$)
  • Excursions and activities in Swakopmund

The programme:*

April 27 – departure from Kiev Boryspil

April 28 – arrival to Windhoek
– transfer to the lodge
– luch
– safety instructions at the stables
– choosing a horse and short training
– sightseing excursion in Windhoek by car
– dinner in Joe`s Beer House

April 29
– breakfast at the hotel
– morning: trail in the mountins with a lunch in savanna
– afternoon: Okapuka Lodge game drive safari

April 30
– breakfast at the hotel
– sightseing walk in Windhoek
– afternoon trail in savanna with lunch and lockal wine
– dinner in Kubata restaurant

May 1
– breakfast at the hotel
whole day ride
sunset in mountains
– ride back in the dark, listening to Savanna sounds

May 2
– early start, trail with breakfast in the mountains
– afternoon: Duesternbrook by car

May 3-4
We rent a car and drive 350km to the ocean, Swakopmund. Hictorical centre of Dutch colonization.

May 5
Depart to Ukrane from Windhoek

Інформація щодо авіа:
Поки що плануємо так. Квитки купуємо в перших числах березня!!! Бо ціни можуть зростати!

*дати можуть мінятись +- 1 день, час вильоту може також мінятись

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